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Skyrocket Your Career with India's 1st Cloud Computing Program with 3 Months Live Internship

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Application Deadline: 17Feb20

Guaranteed Placement

(Three Interviews

for every candidate)

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Why Join PGP - Cloud Computing

The internship is part of the core curriculum which helps you get hands-on industry experience

3 Months Internship

Regular mock HR and Technical interviews by mentors with personal guidance and support.

Interview Preparation

Partnered with Analytics Jobs wherein you get access to their paid resume preparation kit and personal feedback from the industry HR experts

Resume Feedback

Get a chance to get interviewed by our more than 250 Hiring Partners. We guarantee 3 job interview chances from our Hiring Partners to every candidate


The faculty for PG Program in Cloud Computing is an active community of acclaimed scholars, industry experts and professionals on the cutting-edge of high technology.

Research Scientist with a PhD in computer science and 10+ years of hands-on experience.

Training Head, DataTrained

Dr. Deepika Sharma

Sudip is a versatile sales and cloud consultant with more than 15 years experience in cloud computing and mentoring

CEO, Imagine Sales

Sudip Samaddar

She is a Machine Learning and Cloud Computing expert and has mentored more than 1000 professionals.

CEO, MathsoMania

Dipti Mishra

This course is a mix of Pre-recorded and weekend based online live sessions.


You are going to work on a number of labs as well as tasks cutting across a variety of cloud principles and platforms.


Get personalised mentoring and direction from thought leaders with many years of business knowledge which allows them to impart useful information and real world insights.


Work on a comprehensive 3 months internship with your peers and implement the entire project lifecycle, from inception to deployment including architecture, cloud financials, vendor comparison.