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Certificate Program in Tableau

Visualize Business Data with Tableau. Create powerful business intelligence reports

  1. 4.5
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  • 1700+ Learners
  • English

Certificate Program in Tableau

  1. $428
    1700+ Learners
  • 15+ Hours on demand Video
  • Projects Included
  • Certificate of completion
  • Taught by Industry Pros

What you'll learn

  • Assess the quality of the data and perform exploratory analysis
  • Create and design visualizations and dashboards for your intended audience
  • Combine the data to and follow the best practices to present your story
  • Examine, navigate, and learn to use the various features of Tableau

Certificate Program in Tableau Course Syllabus

Best-in-class content by leading faculty and industry leaders in the from of videos, cases and projects,assigments and live sessions

best data science courses Noida
6 month practical internship
  • No programming experience required.
  • Interested in using data to make better business decisions.
  • You should take this course if want to learn Tableau completely from scratch
  • You should take this course if you are good with Tableau and want to take your skills to the next level and truly leverage the full potential of Tableau
6 month practical internship

Learn the fundamentals of data visualization and practice communicating with data. This course covers how to apply design principles, human perception, color theory, and effective storytelling with data. If you present data to others, aspire to be a business analyst or data scientist, or if you’d like to become more effective with visualization tools, then you can grow your skills with this course.

Get industry Recognize certificate of completion in Data Visualization in Tableau form DataTrained eduction which can we varified online through out the world,shared in certification section on your linked profile,downloaded,priented,shared and mentined on your resume.

Interview pepration DataTrained
  1. 4.5

This course is amazing for getting into the world of Tableau. Now I am able to visualize the data and creating interactive dashboard independently.

  1. 4.5

I have worked on Tableau on early days of my carrier but not in touch for long time. This was a quality course to refine my skills.


Learn from India’s leading Management faculty and Industry leaders

Sudaroli Vijayakumar - Freelance Trainer

Sudaroli Vijayakumar

Freelance Trainer

I am not sure if "I desired to be a teacher I destined to be a teacher I grew as a teacher But now I always want to teach something" Passionate teacher who don't mind teaching anything to any grade.

Dr. Deepika Sharma - Training Head, DataTrained

Dr. Deepika Sharma

Training Head, DataTrained

Dr. Deepika Sharma has been associated with academics /corporate education for more than 14 years. She has a deep passion in the field of Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, and Machine Learning.

Shankargouda Tegginmani - Data Scientist, Accenture

Shankargouda Tegginmani

Data Scientist, Accenture

Shankar is a data Scientist with 14 Years of Experience. His current employment is with Accenture and has experience in telecom, healthcare, finance and banking products.

Why Take this Course

  • By the end of this specialization, you will be able to generate powerful reports and dashboards that will help people make decisions and take action based on their business data.
  • You will use Tableau to create high-impact visualizations of common data analyses to help you see and understand your data. You will apply predicative analytics to improve business decision making.
100% online

100% online

Global Certification

Global Certification

Flexible deadlines

Flexible deadlines

Frequently Ask Questions

Before learning tableau you must first know what tableau does. Tableau is a data visualization tool, it helps to see and understand data. It brags itself to be the world’s best analytics platform which is focused on business intelligence. It was founded in 2003 in Mountain View, California but currently its headquarter is in Seattle, Washington.

Let’s look at the steps you need to follow in order to learn Tableau:-

Step 1 : Download and Install Tableau on your computer or laptop
  • Tableau Desktop for individual use
  • Tableau Server for organizational use
  • Tableau Online for cloud business intelligence
  • Tableau Public for anyone who want to publish online their interactive data and for journalists
  • Tableau Reader for reading files that are saved in Tableau Desktop.
Step 2 : Enroll in a Tableau course
  • It is important that you join a Tableau course so that you can get certified. DataTrained presents you with the best online certification for Tableau course.
Step 3 : Get started with Tableau
  • Once you have enrolled in our Table online course you can get started by attending lectures. Along with course videos you can also watch videos on Tableau web portal some of which are free of cost. To watch these videos you need to register first.
Step 4 : Connecting with Data and Creating Views and Analysis
  • With the help of tableau the user can connect with several data sources such as text file, excel file and big data database queries too.
  • Learn data visualization with different views such as filters application, drill downs, formatting, etc.
Step 5 : Do Practice tests and exercises
  • We have provided you with many practice tests and exercises in our course package which you must do to understand in depth concepts.
Join Tableau Communities
  • Last thing that you must do is join tableau communities and share your ideas, thoughts and also learn from other members.

There are hundreds of courses available in the market whether online or offline for Tableau. However most of them are totally worthless as companies look for only those skilled professionals who are certified from a reputed institute.

DataTrained presents you with the best online certification course for Tableau. DataTrained is India’s number Educational Technology Startup. In our course we have designed it so that you can learn everything from scratch. Step by step it will take you from beginner to advanced level. Our tutors and instructors will guide you through every stage of learning.

In our Tableau course you will get access to the data quality and will be able to perform exploratory analysis. You will be creating and designing visualizations and dashboards for the desired spectators. You would learn to combine, examine and navigate through several features of tableau.

Here are the salient features of our course :-

  • 15+ hours of on demand videos
  • Taught by industry professionals
  • Access to several Projects
  • Certificate of completion

We are sure you must have done some research on the fees for certificate programs in Tableau. There are various institutes providing tableau courses. But DataTrained provides you a tableau certification course at an unbeatable price of ₹ 14999.

Our course is comparatively cheaper and much affordable as we keep in mind that every class of students would have the desire to do this course. We at DataTrained believe in quality education at affordable prices.

This course will teach students every topic in detail with respect to tableau. Our students can raise any number of questions and doubts and it will be resolved within a short period of time. Upon completion of course our team will be guiding and assisting students for placements as well. We will train our students to crack interviews with the help of industry pros.

The Tableau certification course offered by DataTrained has 15+ hours of content and in this course you would be learning :-

  • Performing exploratory analysis
  • Assessing quality of data
  • Creating and designing visualizations
  • Creating dashboards for intended audience
  • Combining data
  • Best practices to present your story
  • Examining, navigating and learning to use various features of Tableau

According to a report by Finances Online, there are around 4.66 billion active users on the internet right now as compared to 2.6 billion users in 2013. We are producing 2.5 quintillion bytes of data every day.

And that’s where data visualization comes to the picture. Data visualization tools such as Tableau are utilized for tuning down this data. It is used to represent data in an interactive way through charts, graphs, maps and timelines.

This has created a huge demand for Tableau experts in the market space. It is because organizations are realizing the importance of data visualization in their workings. Almost 90% of the organizations use data visualization tools for business intelligence and for making informed decisions. So a career in Tableau is very bright for the upcoming decades.

Tableau is a powerful tool that is used for data visualization and without question an industry leader. It is used to represent data in an easy to understand way for various business applications. It can be utilized to represent data in an interactive and an immersive way graphically with the help of charts, maps, graphs, and timelines.

Tableau can also be used for mapping functionalities. It is able to draw latitude and longitude coordinates to spatial files to display custom geography. It is an easy to learn tool and provides rapid results. It can also be integrated with other databases like SAP, Teradata, AWS, MySQL and Hadoop.

Python is a programming language while tableau is a data visualization tool. Using python means that you would have to write codes. Although python is relatively easy to learn as compared to other programming languages, you still need to code.

Python is very good for machine learning and automation. On the other hand tableau can do data blending. It helps in simplifying raw data and creating dashboards. So we can say that comparing both of them is like comparing apples and oranges, both are industry leaders and offer various capabilities.

Massive amounts of data is being collected by organizations to gain insights of trends and in making informed decisions. Collection of data is one part but what to do with humongous data? That’s where Tableau comes in, it is used by data scientists to tune down large chunks of data and represent meaningful information with tableau visualizations.

In June 2019, Tableau was acquired by Salesforce for USD 15.7 Billion. It was the largest ever acquisition by Salesforce ever. So you can understand the worth of Tableau. It is clearly a market leader for data visualization. A top choice for data scientists and a must have tool for every organization.

Yes, Tableau is a powerful data analytics and data visualization tool. It is an industry leader and an eminent choice for organization for data representation purposes. Let’s look at its various features which makes it a top choice:-

  • Easier to explore and manage data
  • Faster to discover and share insights
  • Provides with business intelligence and visual analytics
  • Charts, plots, graphs with differents designs can utilized for visualization
  • Can work with both structured and unstructured data
  • Easy to learn and anybody with non tech background can work on it
  • Highly interactive and easy to understand visualization

Learning tableau is both challenging and rewarding. It can get a bit complicated at times but DataTrained’s Tableau certification course has best in class faculty available in India. Our tutors and mentors would be helping you at every stage of your learning journey with us.

We teach you everything from beginner to advanced level with in depth guidance. With practice tests and exercises at the end of each module you will get familiar with the course topics. Not only this, if ever you have any doubt you can raise your queries through live chat for one on one guidance.

Another option is to raise your ticket on our learning management system and get your issues resolved within a short period of time.

You are eligible for a refund of the Booking Amount if you cancel your course within 7 calendar days of the Course Registration Date, which is the date of payment. However, this refund policy does not supersede any course-specific refund terms. Please consult your counselor for more information about the respective course's refund terms.