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Big Data Hadoop - The Complete Course

If you are curious to know how your data is being stored and used on Amazon, flip kart, etc? Get ready to work with real datasets alongside real masters.

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Big Data Hadoop - The Complete Course

  1. $1428
    • Best online HR Management course
    • Best online HR Management course
    • Best online HR Management course
    • Best online HR Management course
    1100+ Learners
  • 100+ Hours on-demand Video
  • Certificate of completion
  • Projects Included
  • Taught by Industry Pros

What you'll learn

  • Be proficient with Hadoop, HDFS, Map Reduce, Sqoop, Impala, Apache Pig, Spark, Hive and ZooKeeper, Kafka, Cassandra and Hbase, Bigdata in the cloud (AWS), etc
  • Understand Big Data Hadoop concepts
  • Storing data using HDFS, concepts of blocks and replication in HDFS
  • Concepts related to storing and processing of data in a distributive manner.
  • Learn Mapreduce framework working for processing of data.
  • Use Sqoop to transfer data from various relational databases to HDFS.
  • Learn Pig that enables data workers to write complex data transformations
  • How Zookeeper manages clusters in distributive systems.
  • Have insight learning of dealing with structured data using Hive and Impala.
  • Use of Spark for various applications using RDD’s, Dataframes and Dataset API’s
  • Using Spark with SQL
  • NoSQL databases like Hbase
  • Gain Real-world skills required for the job in any IT company
  • Learn Hadoop ecosystem required to deal with real-world problems

Big Data Hadoop Course Syllabus

Best-in-class content by leading faculty and industry leaders with over a decade of working experience in the form of cases, videos and assignments, projects, & live sessions.

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6 month practical internship
  • A Ph.D. or a Master’s degree is not mandatory to learn Hadoop technology.
  • Basic SQL, Linux, Java is good to learn this technology
  • No software license is required
  • Hardware Requirements to Learn Hadoop
    • Intel Core 2 Duo/Quad/hex/Octa or higher end 64-bit processor PC laptop (Minimum operating frequency of 2.5GHz)
    • 8 GB or more RAM This hardware configuration is recommended.
6 month practical internship

This Big Data Hadoop - The Complete Course course covers the topics from the basic level of beginner till the advanced professional levels required for Big Data Hadoop Certification.

This course mainly aims at having insight learning of all big data technologies. It covers Hadoop concepts related to HDFS and Map reduce indicating the process of storing data in a distributive way and technologies required to process the data. YARN was introduced in Hadoop 2 for resource management and is also being used by Spark now. Transfer of data using Sqoop and processing of structured data using Hive and Impala with SQL like language are the concepts covered in this course. Knowledge about different file formats being used and compression techniques involved for data, usage of various APIs of Spark to process our data at higher speed are also elaborated in this course. This course will give you insights into all the big data technologies which are used at a professional level. It’s a must have a course for being a Big Data expert.

Come join this course for a secure career!

Get industry Recognize certificate of completion in Big Data Hadoop - The Complete Course form DataTrained eduction which can we varified online through out the world,shared in certification section on your linked profile,downloaded,priented,shared and mentined on your resume.

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  1. 4.5

The course is good. It gives a detailed description of sqoop and flume. Every concept is very easy and simple to understand.

  1. 4.5

Instructor has a good command over the subject. Very nicely explained Excellent content, Every Hadoop developer much visit this course even if you are a experience one.


Learn from India’s leading Management faculty and Industry leaders

Dr. Deepika Sharma - Training Head, DataTrained

Dr. Deepika Sharma

Training Head, DataTrained

Dr. Deepika Sharma has been associated with academics /corporate education for more than 14 years. She has a deep passion in the field of Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, and Machine Learning.

Shankargouda Tegginmani - Data Scientist, Accenture

Shankargouda Tegginmani

Data Scientist, Accenture

Shankar is a data Scientist with 14 Years of Experience. His current employment is with Accenture and has experience in telecom, healthcare, finance and banking products.

Why Take this Course

  • If you are excited to start your career in Big data field. Come and learn with us.
  • Big data revolution is creating tremendous job opportunities.
  • This course is designed with a practical approach and has detailed lectures.
  • Full-fledged course covering all the core and advanced concepts related to Big data technologies.
  • Start as a newbie and become a professional in Big data technology.
  • This course contains demos you can try out on your own machine.
  • Become a professional with real time experience in solving queries.
  • We provide full guidance through file systems and their applications
  • Develop skills to apply these tools to create solutions in finance, social networks, telecommunications, and many other fields.
  • Go for Big Data Hadoop Certifications
100% online

100% online

Global Certification

Global Certification

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Flexible deadlines

Frequently Ask Questions

This course introduces machine learning approaches for exploring, analysing, and leveraging data. You'll learn about the tools and methods that can be used to develop data-driven machine learning models and scale them up to huge data issues. Big Data refers to an industry that covers a constantly evolving set of technologies for processing large data quantities. Big Data is transforming not only marketing and business, but also helping us better comprehend our social world.

Through hands-on exposure with the tools and systems used by big data scientists and engineers, you will develop a grasp of what insights big data can give through DtaTrained's course. It is not necessary to have any prior programming experience! You'll learn the fundamentals of Hadoop, including MapReduce, Spark, Pig, and Hive. You will learn how to execute predictive modelling and use graph analytics to model problems by following along with the provided code.

The Big Data Hadoop course offered by DataTrained is one of the best courses available in the market. This program will help you to pursue a career in this domain. This course includes 100+ hours video content that will cover each and every topic from scratch to advanced level. They also provide certificates after the completion of this course that will definately give you an extra edge over other candidates and increase the employment opportunities. So what are you waiting for to enroll now? Just go for it. It's totally worth it. This course only costs Rs. 49999 only(GST included) which is again a reasonable amount for such great content. This Big Data Hadoop - The Complete Course course covers the topics from the basic level of beginner till the advanced professional levels required for Big Data Hadoop Certification. So what you are waiting for click here to enroll now.

If you try to study Hadoop on your own, you'll find that it takes a long time. It will be determined by your intelligence and learning abilities. Even so, you should plan on taking at least 4-6 months to complete your Hadoop certification and begin your big data training. By diving deep into any of the Apache projects and other big data software solutions, one may easily learn and code on new big data technologies. Mastering every tool, technology, or programming language is extremely challenging. The Big Data Hadoop course offered by DataTrained will help you to learn everything from scratch to expert level all at just a reasonable price of Rs.49,000. After the completion of this course you will also get a certificate which will provide you an extra edge over others.

Huge data is a buzzword that has recently been thrown around a lot, but it has also turned into big business. Every day, over 2.5 quintillion bytes of data are generated, and someone must collect, store, secure, and analyze it all. The job market for big data is wide open as a result of this rapid expansion.

Big data expertise is needed in practically every business. IT, banking, law enforcement, government, manufacturing, farming, retail, science, medicine, and technical services are all possibilities. There is something to meet your abilities and career preferences, whether your interests are in security and software development or data management and storage.

There are considerably more job vacancies in big data than there are candidates. As a result, obtaining work may not be an issue. The fancy titles may throw you off, yet they are frequently interchangeable. For example, "data analyst" may be interchangeable with "data scientist" or "data architect." Don't be put off by the titles. Instead, concentrate on the job description and the tasks you will be performing. (source)

Enterprises will be able to create and manage 60% of big data in the near future as they obtain the ability to store and analyse large volumes of data. Individual consumers, on the other hand, play a key role in data growth. In the same analysis, IDC predicts that by 2025, 6 billion people, or 75% of the world's population, would engage with internet data on a daily basis. In other words, every 18 seconds, each connected user will have at least one data transaction.

The future of big data is bright and promising in India. Organizations utilize big data to improve the customer experience, internal processes, and supply chain. For instance, companies like BhartiAirtel are employing big data and big data analytics to predict the future usage patterns of users.

Big data is solving business problems and making the system sustainable and efficient. The rise of big data leads to the rise of demand for highly skilled big data professionals. Organizations are exploring for techniques to harness the potential of Big Data, therefore IT workers with experience in Analytics are in great demand. In recent years, the number of job posts linked to analytics on Indeed and Dice has surged dramatically.

According to Glassdoor, a big data engineer's average salary for entry-level is ₹8,00,000 per annum and this figure could go as high as ₹17,00,000 per annum in India. This figure is based on 399 salaries reported to glassdoor anonymously.

Salary depends on so many factors such as experience, location, company. To get a clearer picture. Let’s look at it further.

Salaries based on Experience
  • Salary for fresher: ₹4,00,000 per year
  • Salary for an experience of 1-4 years: ₹8,00,000 per year
  • Salary for an experience of 5-9 years: ₹15,00,000 per year
Salaries based on companies
  • The average salary in TCS: ₹6,00,000 per year
  • The average salary in Cognizant: ₹8,50,000 per year
  • The average salary in Infosys: ₹6,00,000 per year
  • The average salary in Accenture: ₹6,42,000 per year

If you have any queries or any doubts. You can contact us. We would love to help and guide you.

Skills required for Big Data Engineer are:

  • Familiarity with programming languages
  • Analytical Skill
  • Knowledge of Software and tools
  • Data Visualization
  • Presentation Skill
  • Should have knowledge of SQL
  • Problem-solving skills

Big data is rising and evolving rapidly and with that exponential growth, we are facing challenges :

  • Insufficiency of skilled big data professionals
  • Lots of tools available for big data analytics that create confusion
  • Securing the huge amount of data
  • Making big data cost-effective
  • Management of data quality

The following are some of the benefits of using big data:

  • Using big data lowers your costs.
  • Using big data improves your productivity....
  • Big data can help you optimize your pricing....
  • You can compete with large corporations....
  • Allows you to concentrate on your local preferences.
  • Big data can help you boost sales and loyalty.
  • When you use big data, you can be sure you're hiring the appropriate people.

You are eligible for a refund of the Booking Amount if you cancel your course within 7 calendar days of the Course Registration Date, which is the date of payment. However, this refund policy does not supersede any course-specific refund terms. Please consult your counselor for more information about the respective course's refund terms.