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  • Most exhaustive certification courses in investment banking
  • Regarded as the best investment banking training program by hiring partners
  • Datatrained online courses for investment banking makes you industry ready
  • Weekend Classes for the working Professionals
  • Industry recognized certification from Datatrained and LGCA
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On the successful completion of the program, participants will be awarded an Industry Recognized

  • Certificate in Investment Banking from Datatrained Education
  • Project Completion Certificate from Datatrained Education
  • LGCA Learning paths and certification

About London Governance & Compliance Academy (LGCA):

    LGCA is an accredited training partner (ATP) of the International Governance and Compliance Association (IGCA), an ATP of the Chartered Institute for Securities & Investment (CISI), an ATP of EXIN, the International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP) and the Blockchain Training Alliance (BTA). Furthermore, the LGCA is a member of the European Institute of Management and Finance Group, one of Europe’s leading providers for certified and executive education. Datatrained and the London Governance and Compliance Academy (LGCA) joined forces to offer the latest in-demand career skills.


Learn from India’s leading Management faculty and Industry leaders


Best-in-class content by leading faculty and industry leaders in the form of videos, cases and projects, assignments and live sessions.
Module 1
Using keys instead of mouse in excel
Sorting Data and using advanced filters to overcome the limitations of filters
Cell Freeze, Row Freeze, Column Freeze
Using conditional formatting in excel and making the data look more meaty
Linkages used for Financial Modeling
Simple excel formulas as sum, product, division, multiplications, paste special, on catenate vlookup/hlookup usage of data
Match Function
Combination of multiple functions in a problem as Vlookup +Match, Index+Match, VlookUp and If CAGR Calculation
Transpose function
Usage of IF function
Table functions
Pivot Tables
IRR Calculation
Cell Referencing
Interest functions as EMI calculator,
Sum if, Count if, Sumifs
SumProduct Functions
Multiple usage of Vlookup Function
Module 2
Advanced Excel & PowerPoint
Combination of multiple functions in a problem as Vlookup +Match, Index+Match, VlookUp and If Offset Function.
Sensitivity Analysis using different ways.
Scenario Manager and how to use that in a model
Iterative calculations. How to Negate it
Using Excel for Statistical Analysis like Correlation, Regression, Variance.
How to summarize data from different sheets and collating them into a single sheet using Indirect function
Rules of creating a bar chart
Making pictures as linked objects in excel
Making apt chart from the data provided
Creating dynamic charts and no need to change the chart every time its prepared
Using Name Manager to make charts dynamic
Showing multiple charts at the same time in same location using filter
Now and Then Analysis chart
Waterfall Charts, Thermometer Charts
How the charts change using sensitivity analysis
Interactivity using Form Controls
Practical Application of Formulas and Charting through Creation of Dashboards
Advanced excel formulas
Conditional formatting
Developer tabs
Charting including charting tricks using excel formulas
Advance Macros & VBA for Finance
Recording Macros
Objects and control statements in VBA code
Application of macros to Financial modeling,
Circular reference problem,
Scenario analysis and Simulation
Module 3
Introduction to Investment Banking.
Introduction to IB and their Different Business Lines.
Introduction to financial markets landscape
What is a Financial System?
Financial Markets Infrastructure
How Financial System Works?
Functions of Financial System
Structure of Financial System
Financial Participants
Financial Market
Financial Instruments
Financial Regulator
Financial Services
Participants in Financial Markets
Clearing Agents
Financial Market
Features of Financial Market
Economic growth
Importance of Financial System
Order Driven and Quote Driven Markets
Hybrid Market
Other Markets
Regulatory Agencies
Investment Banks
Buy Side and Sell Side
What are Preference Shares?
Types of Preference Shares
Equity, Stock, and Shares
Features of Equity Shares
Advantages of Equity Shares
Disadvantages of Equity Shares
Share Capital
Types of Share Capital
Authorised Share Capital
Issued Capital
Market Capitalisation
Primary Market
Features of Primary Market
Various Ways of Raising Capital
IPO Process
Qualifications for Listing IPOs
Appointment of IPO Participants
Who is a Lead Manager?
Functions of Lead Managers in an IPO
Registration of the Document
Determine the Price of the Issue
Allocation of the Shares
Secondary Market Stock Exchange
Rationale of Secondary Market
Major Stock Exchanges in the World
Depositary Receipts (DRs)
Parties Involved in a Depository Receipt
Features of Depository Receipt
Types of Depository Receipts
American Depositary Receipts (ADRs)
Types of American Depository Receipts
Global Depositary Receipts (GDRs)
Difference between ADR and GDR
Indian Depositary Receipts (IDRs)
Workflow of IDRs.
Advantages of Investing in Fixed Income
Issuers of Fixed Income Securities
Example of Fixed Income
Difference Between Equity and Fixed Income (FI)
Bond Market and Stock Market Size
Types of Fixed Income Instruments
Who Deals with Bonds?
Categories of Bonds
Types of Bonds
Characteristics of Bonds or Bond Terms
Reasons for Investing in Bonds
Corporate Bonds
Government Bonds
Zero Coupon Bonds
Junk Bonds
Convertible Bonds
Inflation Indexed Bonds
Perpetual Bonds
Deferred Bonds
Foreign Currency Bonds
Callable Bonds
Puttable Bonds
Bonds and Risk
Rates Associated to a Bond
Interest Rates
Interest Rate and Bond Price Relation with Example
Current Yield
Yield and Bond Price
Difference between Coupon and Yield
Yield to Maturity (YTM)
Difference between Coupon and Yield
Accrued Interest
Dirty Price & Clean Price
Difference between Equity and Bonds
Trade Economics in Fixed Income
Features of the Money Market
Major Players in the Money Market
Structure of the Indian Money Market
Instruments of Money Markets
Interbank Lending
Interest Calculation
Advantages of Interbank Lending:
Disadvantages of Interbank Lending:
Trade Economics in Money Markets
Treasury Bill (T-Bill)
T-Bills: Primary Market
Competitive Bids
Bidding Process
Non-Competitive Bids
T-Bills: Secondary Market
Commercial Paper
Investment Characteristics
Certificate of Deposits (CDs)
Difference between Certificate of Deposit and Term Deposit
Repurchase Agreement (REPO)
Haircut or Margin
REPO and Reverse REPO Deals
Difference between REPO and Reverse REPO
Pros and Cons of Money Markets
Capital Markets vs. Money Markets
Derivatives – An Introduction
Financial Investments: A Risky Business
Speculating and Hedging
Features of Derivatives
Value of a Derivatives Contract
Role of Speculators
Role of Hedgers
Types of Derivatives
OTC Derivatives
Exchange Traded Derivatives
Forwards Contract
Characteristics of Forwards
Liquidity Risk
Credit Risk
Futures Contract
Advantages of Futures
Risks Involved in Futures
Long and Short Position
Difference Between Futures and Forwards
Future Contract Standardisation
Future Contract Margin
Settlement Mode in Futures Contract
Elements of a FX Trade
Types of FX Rate
Fixed Exchange Rate
Floating Rate
Reserve Currency Board
Features of FX Market
Market Participants
Market Makers
Methods of Executing FX
Reason for Executing FX Trade
FX Quotations
Types of Quotations
Market Convention
FX Trade Economics and Components
Types of FX Trades
Non-Deliverable Forwards
Exceptions to Dates
Currency Nicknames
Currency Nicknames
Difference between Gross and Net Settlement
Rules of Netting
Definition: Options Contract
Definition: Term of Option
Pros and Cons of Options Trading
Types of Options
Difference between Long Call and Short Call
Option Types Summary
Option Chain
Trade Economics of Options
Options Styles
Other Options Styles
Types of Options Payoffs
Status of an Option
Options Pricing
Options Premiums
Factors Affecting Premiums
Introduction to Swaps
Swap Agreement
Reasons for Trading in Swaps
Types of Swaps
Interest Rate Swap
Uses of IRS
Risks Associated with IRS
Interest Rate Swaps: Key Terms
Interest Rate Swap Application: Hedging
Interest Rate Swap Application: Speculation
Types of Interest Rate Swap
Basis Swap Application
Timeline of an IRS
London Interbank Offered Rate
LIBOR Rigging
Equity Swap
Equity Swap Application: Speculation
Equity Swap Application: Hedging
FX Swap
Types of FX Trades: Example
Risks in FX Swaps
Credit Default Swap
Participants in CDS Market
Risks Involved in CDS Trading
Types of Credit Default Swap
Credit Events
Failure to Pay
Credit Default Swap Settlements
Recovery Rate
Survival Rate
Types of Credit Default Swap
TLC Concepts
TLC participants
Front office
Middle Office
Back Office
Segregation roles of Front, Middle and Back office
Selection of Custodian on TLC
Role of Custodian in TLC
Services Provided by Front Office
TLC and Straight Through processing Flow
OTC TLC and Exchange TLC
TLC order Management
Trade Initiation, Execution and Capture
Trade Verification and Validation
Trade Enrichment
Trade confirmation & Settlements
Trade Reconciliation
Transaction Reporting
Transaction Reporting Methods
Risks in TLC
Pre-settlement and Post settlement
Post settlement Fails management
What is asset management?
Mutual Funds
How to invest in mutual funds?
Key players in a Mutual Fund
Constitutive Documents
Structure of a Mutual Fund
Types of Mutual Funds
Categories of Mutual Funds
Regulatory Framework for Mutual Funds
Key points for Mutual Funds Investors
Tax benefits of investing in Mutual Funds
Strategy for Investing In Mutual Fund
Benefits of Investing in Mutual Funds
Risks associated with investing in Mutual Funds
Fees and Charges associated with Mutual Funds
Net Asset Value (NAV)
Expense Ratio
Fund Manager Report
Expense Ratio
Rights & Obligations of Unit Holder
Background of AML/KYC
Case Studies in Money Laundering
Three Stages of Money Laundering
Placement and the Methods Adopted
Layering and Methods Adopted
Need for KYC
Customer Acceptance Policy
Customer Identification Procedure
Due Diligence
Monitoring of Accounts and Transactions
What is Risk
Types of Risk - Market Risk, Credit Risk, Liquidity Risk, Operational Risk
How to avoid Market Risk, Credit Risk and Liquidity Risk
Major causes of Operational Risk
How to Avoid Operational Risk
Regulatory Environment
Dodd-Frank Act (DFA)
European Market Infrastructure Regulation (EMIR)
Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID)
Markets in Financial Instruments Directive II (MiFID)
Soft Skill Training
Personality Development Program
Interview Preparation
Mock Interviews
Hours of Content
Case Study and Projects
Live Sessions

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