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PG Course in Data Science, Machine Learning & Neural Networks in Pune in collaboration with

Aligned to Competency Standards developed by SSC NASSCOM In Collaboration with Industry and approved by Government of India

Best Data Science Colleges in Pune with Placement Guarantee

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Be an industry-ready Certified Data Science professional with these exclusive Data Science Colleges in Pune by tempting learning of Data Analysis with Machine Learning models, Visualization, Forecasting and predicting Models, NLP, Deep Learning & more with a 100% placement guarantee course in Pune.

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29 Sep, 2023

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Course Description

Data Science Colleges in Pune

DataTrained is among the Best Data Science Colleges in Pune where you get hands-on training on all relevant and in-demand tools, learn 14+ programming tools & languages, techniques, Data Mining, Data Collection, Data Extraction, Data Cleansing, Data Exploration, fundamentals viz., (calculations, data sets, manipulation), statistical concepts (mean, median, mode, standard deviation and skewness) along with real-world scenarios applied for data analysis using graphs/charts. Apart from that, this course also builds programming skills including code solutions, algorithms and flowcharts/pseudocode.., and technologies from these Data Science Colleges in Pune with Placement. Also with the most affordable Data Science Colleges course fees structure in Pune. DataTrained is regarded as the best Data Science Colleges in Pune which offers services from training to placement guarantee. DataTrained imparts the Best Data Science Colleges in Pune with placement guarantee. Enroll Now, to start your career with the Data Science Colleges in Pune with placement guarantee.

Key Highlights

  • 6 Months of rigorous Internship - data science colleges in pune6 Months of rigorous Internship
  • One-on-One interaction with Industry Mentors - data science colleges in puneOne-on-One interaction with Industry Mentors
  • 100% Placement guarantee - data science colleges in pune100% Placement guarantee
  • 40+ Live Projects along with Case Studies - data science colleges in pune40+ Live Projects along with Case Studies
  • Dedicated Career Program Manager - data science colleges in puneDedicated Career Program Manager
  • 360 Degree Career Guidance - data science colleges in pune360 Degree Career Guidance
  • Ideal for both Fresh Graduates & Working Professionals - data science colleges in puneIdeal for both Fresh Graduates & Working Professionals
  • Unique Specializations to choose from - data science colleges in puneUnique Specializations to choose from
  • Prompt Query Resolution - data science colleges in punePrompt Query Resolution

PG Program in Data Science, Machine Learning & Neural Networks

  1. ₹ 160000
    • Learners - data science colleges in pune
    • Learners - data science colleges in pune
    • Learners - data science colleges in pune
    • Learners - data science colleges in pune
    8500+ learners
  • 300+ hours of learning
  • Practice Test Included
  • Certificate of completion
  • Enhanced Upskilling

12 Months PG Program in Data Science, Machine Learning & Neural Networks in collaboration with

Get eligible for 4 world-class certifications thus adding that extra edge to your resume.

  • Course completion certificate from NASSCOM
  • Project Completion Certificate from DataTrained Education
  • Course completion certificate from DataTrained Education
  • Internship Certificate from Partner Companies

Languages and Tools covered.

  • Excel - data science colleges in pune
  • Python - data science colleges in pune
  • Tableau - data science colleges in pune
  • NLP - data science colleges in pune
  • SQL server - data science colleges in pune

What's the focus of these Data Science colleges in Pune with placement?

Pick out from 5 Unique specializations, learn 14+ programming tools & languages, Live case studies and projects, six months of live internship, get mentorship from industry experts, dedicated career support, & much more with the best data science colleges in Pune. The focus is also to find the most affordable Data Science colleges in Pune, fee structure.

5 Unique Specializations - data science colleges in pune

5 Unique Specializations

Get a chance to pick out from 5 unique specializations according to your career expectations and academic background. Obtain an Professional Certification In Data Science, ML & Neural Networks In Collaboration With in Pune.

Dedicated Career Assistance - data science colleges in pune

Dedicated Career Assistance

Get a chance to have 1:1 career counseling session by industry Professionals & regular interviews with hiring managers. Boost your career with our 400+ recruiting partners from various industries.

Student Support - data science colleges in pune

Students Support

Chat support is open from 6AM to 11PM IST for your instant Query Resolution. Our Program Managers are available for call or chat, and you can also conveniently use our ticket-raising system during company hours.


Join DataTrained – Certified curriculum and learn every skill from the industry’s best thought leaders.

Dr. Deepika Sharma - Training Head, DataTrained

Dr. Deepika Sharma

Training Head, DataTrained

Dr. Deepika Sharma has been associated with academics /corporate education for more than 14 years. She has a deep passion in the field of Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, and Machine Learning.

Shankargouda Tegginmani - Data Scientist, Accenture

Shankargouda Tegginmani

Data Scientist, Accenture

Shankar is a data Scientist with 14 Years of Experience. His current employment is with Accenture and has experience in telecom, healthcare, finance and banking products.

Sanket Maheshwari - Data Scientist, Faasos

Andrew Labeodan

Data Scientist, Centrica

Andrew is a data Scientist with 14 years of experience. His expertise spans healthcare and Energy Utilities, and he's renowned for successfully implementing data analytics in oncology.

Data Science Course Syllabus

Best-in-class content by leading faculty and industry leaders in the form of live sessions, pre-recorded videos, projects, case studies, industry webinars, and assignments.

best data science courses online

Detailed Syllabus of Data Science Course

  • 300+ Hours of Content - data science program institute
  • 300+

    Hours of Content

  • 80+ Live Sessions - data science online training
  • 80+

    Live Sessions

  • 15 Tools and Software - best tools for data science
  • 15

    Tools and Software

Comprehensive Curriculum

The curriculum has been designed by faculty from IITs, and Expert Industry Professionals.

300+ Hours of Content - data science program institute

Hours of Content

80+ Live Sessions - data science online training

Live Sessions

15 Tools and Software - best tools for data science

Tools and Software

Set the Basics Right

DataTrained's orientation prepares students to use the platform by introducing the Learning Management System, accessing course material, attending live classes and assessments, connecting with mentors and receiving career coach support. A preparatory session covers curriculum explanation and software installation guidance. The Data Science Foundation course covers Excel fundamentals (calculations, data sets, manipulation) and statistical concepts (mean, median, mode, standard deviation and skewness) with real-world scenarios applied for data analysis using graphs/charts. The Programming Foundation course introduces data science and builds programming skills including code solutions, algorithms and flowcharts/pseudocode for further exploration of data science/coding.

The orientation session at DataTrained is tailored to equip students with the necessary information and understanding to effectively utilize our platform for the best possible outcome. During this session, students are provided with a thorough introduction to our modern Learning Management System, called the DataTrained Academy. Students gain an understanding of how they can easily access course material, engage in live classes, complete assessments, and connect with mentors for any questions or queries. Moreover, students learn about the career coach support who is available to them throughout their course journey to provide guidance and support.

In order to ensure that students have a comprehensive understanding of the course and its expectations, a preparatory session is held prior to the commencement of the program. This session is designed to give students an in-depth explanation of the entire curriculum, as well as guidance on how to install any necessary software needed to begin their journey with the course. This preparatory session helps to alleviate any uncertainties or apprehensions that students may have about their upcoming program, and ensures that they are fully prepared for the challenges ahead.

The "Data Science Foundation" course is the next offering in the program, allowing students to gain insight into data science and the responsibilities of a data scientist or analyst. It begins with a thorough overview of Excel fundamentals, such as basic calculations, working with data sets, cleaning and manipulating it for further use. Additionally, learners will be introduced to important statistical concepts like mean, median, mode, standard deviation and skewness. They will also be coached on how to apply these to real-world scenarios in Excel and analyze data accurately. Through the use of graphs and charts, students can then make informed decisions based on their observations from the data analysis.

Upon being given a basic introduction to the expansive field of data science, students build upon their programming skills through the "Programming Foundation for Data Science" course. Its primary purpose is to ensure that students have a thorough understanding of programming fundamentals and how to create a code-based solution for any problem or challenge they may face. Throughout this course, students acquire the ability to craft algorithms by way of flowcharts and pseudocode, which are essential components in any programming journey. This course provides an excellent foundation for those looking to explore the world of data science and coding practices in greater detail.


The Foundations bundle comprises 2 courses where you will learn to tackle Statistics and Coding head-on. These 2 courses create a strong base for us to go through the rest of the tour with ease.

This course will introduce you to the world of Python programming language that is widely used in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. We will start with basic ideas before going on to the language's important vocabulary as search phrases, syntax, or sentence building. This course will take you from the basic principles of AI and ML to the crucial ideas with Python, among the most widely used and effective programming languages in the present market. In simple terms, Python is like the English language.

Python Basics

Python is a popular high-level programming language with a simple, easy-to-understand syntax that focuses on readability. This module will guide you through the whole foundations of Python programming, culminating in the execution of your 1st Python program.

Anaconda Installation - Jupyter notebook operation

Using Jupyter Notebook, you will learn how to use Python for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. We can create and share documents with narrative prose, visualizations, mathematics, and live code using this open-source online tool.

Python functions, packages and other modules

For code reusability and software modularity, functions & packages are used. In this module, you will learn how you can comprehend and use Python functions and packages for AI.

NumPy, Pandas, Visualization tools

In this module, you will learn how to use Pandas, Matplotlib, NumPy, and Seaborn to explore data sets. These are the most frequently used Python libraries. You'll also find out how to present tons of your data in simple graphs with Python libraries as Seaborn and Matplotlib.

Working with various data structures in Python, Pandas, Numpy

Understanding Data Structures is among the core components in Data Science. Additionally, data structure assists AI and ML in voice & image processing. In this module, you will learn about data structures such as Data Frames, Tuples, Lists, and arrays, & precisely how to implement them in Python.

In this module, you will learn about the words and ideas that are important to Exploratory Data Analysis and Machine Learning. You will study a specific set of tools required to assess and extract meaningful insights from data, from a simple average to the advanced process of finding statistical evidence to support or even reject wild guesses & hypotheses.

Descriptive Statistics

Descriptive Statistics is the study of data analysis that involves describing and summarising different data sets. It can be any sample of a world's production or the salaries of employees. This module will teach you how to use Python to learn Descriptive Statistics for Machine Learning.

Inferential Statistics

In this module, you will use Python to study the core ideas of using data for estimating and evaluating hypotheses. You will also learn how you can get the insight of a large population or employees of any company which can't be achieved manually.

Probability & Conditional Probability

Probability is a quantitative tool for examining unpredictability, as the possibility of an event occurring in a random occurrence. The probability of an event occurring because of the occurrence of several other occurrences is recognized as conditional probability. You will learn Probability and Conditional Probability in Python for Machine Learning in this module.

Hypothesis Testing

With this module, you will learn how to use Python for Hypothesis Testing in Machine Learning. In Applied Statistics, hypothesis testing is among the crucial steps for conducting experiments based on the observed data.

Machine Learning

Machine Learning is a part of artificial intelligence that allows software programs to boost their prediction accuracy without simply being expressly designed to do so. You will learn all the Machine Learning methods from fundamental to advanced, and the most frequently used Classical ML algorithms that fall into all of the categories.

With this module, you will learn supervised machine learning algorithms, the way they operate, and what applications they can be used for - Classification and Regression.

Linear Regression - Simple, Multiple regression

Linear Regression is one of the most popular Machine Learning algorithms for predictive studies, leading to the very best benefits. It is an algorithm that assumes the dependent and independent variables have a linear connection.

Logistic regression

Logistic Regression is one of the most popular machine learning algorithms. It is a fundamental classification technique that uses independent variables to predict binary data like 0 or 1, positive or negative , true or false, etc. In this module, you will learn all of the Logistic Regression concepts that are used in Machine Learning.

K-NN classification

k-Nearest Neighbours (Knn) is another widely used Classification algorithm, it is a basic machine learning algorithm for addressing regression and classification problems. With this module, you will learn how to use this algorithm. You will also understand the reason why it is known as the Lazy algorithm. Interesting Right?

Support vector machines

Support Vector Machine (SVM) is another important machine learning technique for regression and classification problems. In this module, you will learn how to apply the algorithm into practice and understand several ways of classifying the data.

We explore beyond the limits of supervised standalone models in this Machine Learning online course and then discover a number of ways to address them, for example Ensemble approaches.

Decision Trees

The Decision Tree algorithm is an important part of the supervised learning algorithms family. The decision tree approach can be used to resolve regression and classification problems unlike others. By learning simple decision rules inferred from previous data, the goal of using a Decision Tree is constructing a training type that will be used to predict the class or value of the target varying.

Random Forests

Random Forest is a common supervised learning technique. It consists of multiple decision trees on the different subsets of the initial dataset. The average is then calculated to enhance the dataset's prediction accuracy.

Bagging and Boosting

When the aim is to decrease the variance of a decision tree classifier, bagging is implemented. The average of all predictions from several trees is used, that is a lot more dependable than a single decision tree classifier.

Boosting is a technique for generating a set of predictions. Learners are taught gradually in this technique, with early learners fitting basic models to the data and consequently analyzing the data for errors.

In this module, you will study what Unsupervised Learning algorithms are, how they operate, and what applications they can be used for - Clustering and Dimensionality Reduction, and so on.

K-means clustering

In Machine Learning or even Data Science, K-means clustering is a common unsupervised learning method for managing clustering problems. In this module, you will learn how the algorithm works and how you can use it.

Hierarchical clustering

Hierarchical Clustering is a machine learning algorithm for creating a bunch hierarchy or tree-like structure. It is used to group a set of unlabeled datasets into a bunch in a hierarchical framework. This module will help you to use this technique.

Principal Component Analysis

PCA is a Dimensional Reduction technique for reducing a model's complexity, like reducing the number of input variables in a predictive model to avoid overfitting. Dimension Reduction PCA is also a well-known ML approach in Python, and this module will cover all that you need to know about this.


Density-Based Spatial Clustering of Applications with Noise (DBSCAN) is used to identify arbitrary-shaped clusters and clusters with sound. You will learn how this algorithm will help us to identify odd ones out from the group.

Advanced Techniques

EDA - Part1

Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA) is a procedure of analyzing the data using different tools and techniques. You will learn data standardization and represent the data through different graphs to assess and make decisions for several business use cases. You will also learn all the essential encoding techniques.

EDA - Part2

You will also get a opportunity to use null values, dealing with various data and outliers preprocessing techniques to create a machine learning model.

Feature Engineering

Feature Engineering is the process of extracting features from an organization's raw data by using domain expertise. A feature is a property shared by independent units that can be used for prediction or analysis. With this module, you will learn how this works.

Feature Selection

Feature selection is also called attribute selection, variable selection, or variable subset selection. It is the process of selecting a subset of relevant features for use in model development. You can learn many techniques to do the feature selection.

Model building techniques

Here you will learn different model-building techniques using different tools

Model Tuning techniques

In this module, you can learn how to enhance model performance using advanced techniques as GridSearch CV, Randomized Search CV, cross-validation strategies, etc.

Building Pipeline

What is Modeling Pipeline and how does it work? Well, it is a set of data preparation steps, modeling functions, and prediction transform routines organized in a logical order. It allows you to specify, evaluate, and use a series of measures as an atomic unit.

Time Series Analysis


A time series is a set of data points that appear in a specific order over a specific time. A time series in investing records the movement of selected data points, like the cost of security, with a set period of time, with data points collected at regular intervals.

Time Series Components

In this module, you will learn about different components that are necessary to analyze and forecast future outcomes.


You will learn what is stationarity and the importance of learning stationarity.

Time Series Models

In this module, you will learn common Time series models as AR, MA, ARIMA, etc.

Model Evaluation

When you build models, you will use different evaluation methods to gauge the product performance or even accuracy. Yes, In this module, you will learn model evaluation methods.

Use Case and Assignment

You will also get a chance to work on assignments and feel at ease while working on the use case scenarios.


Also, we are providing a few more extra projects for practice, you can assemble and compare your solutions with the ones we provide.

Recommendation Engine


In the introduction module, you will learn why recommendation systems are used, their requirement, and their applications.

Understanding the relationship

In this module, you will learn on what basis recommendation engine works and their association rules.

Types of Data in RS

In this module, you will learn all the types of data used in the Recommendation Engine.

Ratings in RS

In this module, you will learn just how the ratings are drawn in the Recommendation Engine.

Similarity and Its Measures

Recommendation systems work on the basis of similarity between the product and the consumers who view it. There are many ways for determining how similar 2 products are. This similarity matrix is used by recommendation systems to recommend the next most comparable product to the customer.

Types of Recommendation Engine

In this module, you will learn different types of Recommendation Engines.

Evaluation Metrics in Recommendation

Once you build the models, you require metrics to evaluate how effective is your model. You will learn various evaluation tools in RE.

Use cases

You will also get an opportunity to focus on additional use cases. Later, you can compare your solution with the SME-provided solution.

ChatGpt Essentials

ChatGpt is a revolutionary AI chatbot technology that provides users with powerful tools for content generation, prompt ideas, and other features. This module will help you understand the various capabilities of this advanced technology, including its strengths and limitations.

GPT-3 (Generative Pre-trained Transformer 3) is a state-of-the-art language model developed by OpenAI. Learn about GPT-3 and its capabilities like Natural Language Understanding abd Promt Engineering.

Prompt engineering is the practice of designing and crafting effective prompts or input instructions for language models like GPT-3 to guide their generation of desired outputs. Learn to leverage the power of prompt engineering to be 10x productive like never before.

Explainable AI and model interpretability are becoming increasingly important as AI models are being used in various critical domains, such as healthcare, finance, and legal systems, where accountability, fairness, and transparency are crucial. Learn to build machine learning models using LIME & ShARP.

Dive into the GPT model and their architecture. Develop understanding about concepts like Reinforcement Learning from Human Feedback (RLHF), one-shot learning, and few shot learning.

Learn to build an AI Evaluator that automatically evaluate exam submissions by the students by leveraging the GPT and eliminating the need for training NLP models from the scratch.

Understand and learn to build a GNN model.

In depth understanding of advanced GNN.

Generative models can be used in a wide range of applications, including image generation, text generation, speech synthesis, music composition, and more. Build underderstandinng of text-to-image models and image-to-text models.


Strong hand-holding with dedicated support to help you master some of the complex processes of Data Science and Artificial Intelligence.

Deep Learning with Computer Vision

  • Deep Learning
  • Computer Vision

Deep Learning with NLP

  • Deep Learning
  • Deep NLP

Business Analytics with R

  • Business Analytics with "R" programming and R shiny
  • Business Analytics with Advanced Excel

Business Analytics with Tableau

  • Business Analytics with Tableau
  • Business Analytics with Advanced Excel

Business Analytics with Power BI

  • Business Analytics with Power BI
  • Business Analytics with Advanced Excel

Industry Projects

Learn through the live industry projects supported by top companies across industries and the most exclusive data science colleges in Pune fees structure.

  • Engaging joint projects and learn from peers - data science colleges in puneEngaging joint projects and learn from peers and professional also
  • Mentoring by working professionals to learn - data science colleges in puneMentoring by working professionals to learn and apply better
  • Personalized subjective feedback - data science colleges in punePersonalized subjective feedback for your submissions to ease improvement
Smartphone and Smartwatch Activity - data science colleges in pune

Smartphone and The Smartwatch Activity

The crude accelerometer & whirling sensor info is gathered from the cell phone and smartwatch at a pace of 20Hz.

Recommendation System - data science colleges in pune

Recommendation System

Organizations must be used to Recommend their Products & Services to the People in the interconnected world.

Air Quality Study - data science colleges in pune

Air Quality Study

Established by The Data Collected from the Meteorological Department. Forecasting The Air Quality Of the different Parts Of The country.

Why Choose DataTrained For Data Science Colleges In Pune with Placement?

DataTrained provides the most exclusive and Best Data Science colleges in Pune with a 100% placement guarantee. The PG programs in Data Science, Machine Learning, and Neural Networks. Top Data Scientists from develop the Program, and industry experts working in the data science companies of Pune for several decades, and the college curriculum is at par with the international industry standards. The program duration is 12 months, which perfectly balances practical and theoretical learning, covering everything from the primary to the advanced levels of the Data Science colleges in Pune with placement across India.

Enroll today in the Best Data Science college in Pune with placement.

Internship - data science colleges in pune

With the Data Science college in Pune, DataTrained offers a 6 Months internship to ensure that students graduate as an experienced data science professionals and are no fresher. DataTrained also give opportunity to you to go for an online internship with working professionals.

Resume Feedback - data science colleges in pune

Datatrained has collaborated with IIMJobs for the Top Data science college in Pune, which offers you to access their paid resume preparation kit and personal feedback from experts from the HR domain. Our experts prepare an individual career profile of the candidate's experience to ensure it is relevant to a data science role.

Interview Preparation - data science colleges in pune

Regular mock interviews by HR along with Technical mentors with personal support and guidance to each and every student. The industry mentors ease the way for students to take projects, So that their resumes look competitive and professional to the recruiters.

Placement - data science colleges in pune

We generate ability score of each student, which is then sent to our 400+ recruitment partner companies. We arrange campus placements in every 3 months to set our students in the best organizations.

Career Impact

DataTrained, in participation with , delivers the best online Data Science colleges in Pune. Over the 150,000+ careers transformed till now and counting.

DataTrained has supported peers with the critical knowledge and skills required for a data scientist's position. The trainer starts with an examples to familiarize us with the concept and then helps us to build the Algos with the live industrial data sets. DataTrained conduct the power of online learning and dedicated Mentorship, Counseling, Live Sessions, and six months Internships.

Aaruni Khare, Data Scientist, RBS - data science colleges in pune
Aruni Khare Data Scientist, RBS

I saw an advertisement of DataTrained on Facebook, and I connected them immediately and get an enquiry about their Data Science online course. The counselor took me through the journey of what they offer to their students and what Data Science is all about. After continued conversation of a few weeks, I was relatively sure about the course, and now I knew where I had to invest my money and hard work.

Rakshit Jain, Data Scientist, Optum - data science colleges in pune
Rakshit Jain Data Scientist, Optum

The program is a balanced mix of pre-recorded classes, weekend live sessions, and hardcopy reading materials they sent to my address. My mentor was Amit Kaushik, and he guide me in getting that confidence and complete my assignments On time. I have nearly completed the data science course and have been able to crack the Glenmark interview. Thank you so much, DataTrained.

Rupam Kumar Chaurasia, Head Sales, Glenmark - data science colleges in pune
Rupam Kumar Chaurasia Head Sales, Glenmark
66% Average Salary Hike - data science colleges in pune 66%

Average Salary Hike

Upto 25LPA Highest Salary - data science colleges in pune Upto 25LPA

Highest Salary

7k+ Jobs Sourced  - data science colleges in pune 7k+

Jobs Sourced

400+ Hiring Partners  - data science colleges in pune 400+

Hiring Partners

Admission Process

In three simple steps the Admission Process will done, which are detailed below.

Step 1: Fill in a Query Form

Please fill the Query Form, and our counselor will call you & understand your data science colleges in pune eligibility.

Step 2: Get Shortlisted and receive a call

Our admission team will go through your profile. On successfully qualifying, an Email will be sent to you confirming your admission to the program.

Step 3: Block your Seat and Start The Prep Course

Book your seat with the payment done to register in the Program. Start with our Prep course and start your Data Science College journey.

Data Science Course Fee

₹ 160000 + GST

No Cost EMI options are also available. *

data science colleges in pune fees

I’m interested in this program

What's Included in the Price


Access to real-life 40 industry projects

6 Months online Internship part of the core curriculum

For Queries and Suggestions

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Data Science Trends in Pune

The latest trends in data science suggested that a new outlook is taking shape. Data science is no longer reserved for a selected group of specialists. Still, it has become a vital chance for every professional within a business to improve their practice. Data science colleges in Pune with placement can assist you with a rewarding career in the 21st century.

The demand for data science colleges in Pune is on its all-time high, resulting in an upward career growth and generous pay from companies in 2022 and the next few years will be fascinating for businesses and teams adopting data science.

Jobs and Vacancies in the field of Data Science in Pune

India is beholds the rapid digitization of businesses and services, making it the world's second-largest hub for data science. Around 95,000+ jobs in Data Science were vacant in India at the end of August 2021.

Today, Pune is one of the top cities in India for data science colleges. Data Scientist Salary in Pune is most attractive. 70% of these vacancies were for less than five years of experience. Transforming to data science is smart as it picks up higher comparative returns.

Salary in Pune for Data Science Professionals

Data Scientist salary in Pune ranges from ₹4 Lakhs to ₹20 Lakhs, with an average annual salary of ₹10 Lakhs. When you got Your PG certificate, you can expect anywhere from a 13 to 25% hike in the annual salary.

Thus, investing just 4-5 hours per week of one's time to gain specialization in Data Science and Machine Learning gives recurrence returns, ultimately, allowing professionals to expand their career perspectives.

Data Science Colleges in Pune with Placement

Pune is a city with the largest region in Maharashtra by area. It is also known as ‘Poona’. Pune is one of the biggest hub of education and industry in India. It has a 7.4 million population as of 2021, and the geological area of Pune is 7,256 sq. km. Pune is also known as ‘Cultural and Educational Capital of Maharashtra’. It has also been ranked as ‘the most liveable city in India’. The PMR (Pune Metropolitan Region) defined in 1967, It has 10 talukas in the Pune district. Pune has a dry and steamy wet climate with average temperatures of 21 - 28°C. Here are popular attractions in Pune:

Frequently Asked Questions

DataTrained is the best Institute for Data Science colleges in Pune. Our Data Science colleges in Pune include 300+ hrs of classroom instruction, 80+ hrs of live sessions, and over 15 tools and applications. You all will be able to learn from industry professionals as they help you understand the application and answer any questions you have. A 6-months internship ensures that you will graduate as a experienced Data Science professional rather than a fresher graduate. Some of the key features of our data science colleges in Pune:

  • Flexible Time slots.
  • Completely online course
  • Live Internship
  • 100% Placement Guarantee
  • Affordable fees
  • Upskilling in career.
  • Learn at your own pace.
  • You can study for a Job.

Of course, Data science is an brellient choice for career. Data science is a buzzword these days. Harvard Business declared data science the most desirable job of the 21st century. The Data Science sector has seen an extraordinary growth of 650% since 2012, and the future looks even more favorable since data has appreciates value. The US Bureau of Labour Statistics estimated that data science skill sets will be grow by 27.9% till 2026. A few Advantages for career growth in data science are -

  • Large demand of Data Scientists
  • Lesser competition due to less accessibility of skilled resources
  • Higher salary packages
  • Numerous growing opportunities
  • Availability of variety of job roles

The future is favorable in the Data Science course. Get a benefit from this opportunity and be future-ready with our top data science course in Pune.

DataTrained is the best college for the PG program in Data Science, Machine Learning & Neural Networks, is the best online course for Data Science in Pune. This Data Science colleges in Pune covers all aspects of data science, from theoretical to practical and primary to advanced. All Essential languages and tools are covered in this college like:

  • Excel
  • Python
  • Tableau
  • NLP
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Power BI

Also, you will get an option to select from 6 distinct selective courses, according to your choice, academic background, and career preferences. If you have more doubt or want to counsel, please contact us through call, WhatsApp, or email. We'd love to help and guide you.

Through this data science colleges in Pune you can become a data scientist. Learning Data Science online is easier that all you need is a computer with the internet and the eagerness to learn from this data science colleges in Pune. An online data science colleges in Pune comes with a lot of advantages:

  • Flexibility in Time slots
  • Affordable fees
  • Upskilling in career to make you future-ready
  • It facilitate you to learn at your own speed
  • Less commute
  • Study while doing job with industry professionals

Apart from these advantages, our top data science colleges in Pune provides 300+ hours of content, 80+ hours of live sessions, and 15+ tools and software. You'll get to learn from industry experts as they help you to understand the applications and clear the doubts. 6 Months real time internship ensures that you graduate as an experienced data science professional and no more a fresher. You can become a Data Scientist in Pune by enrolling in the best data science college in Pune.

Our mission at DataTrained is to provide the Best Data Science Colleges in Pune with affordable fee structure. Our data science colleges in Pune fees structure is more affordable than others, and the data science course fees in Pune are also reasonable compared to our other competitors.

Our aim is to offer a data science course at an affordable fee. We also offer No-Cost EMI payment option. Our mission is to provide best education at an affordable rate with the best counseling sessions and an industry interface.

We hope to see our students placed in different Data Science roles in the best industry. Our aim is to construct data science training affordable for everyone who is interested in learning. For more information, please connect us. We'd love to hear from you.

You are eligible for a refund of the Booking Amount if you cancel your course within 7 calendar days of the Course Registration Date, which is the date of payment. However, this refund policy does not supersede any course-specific refund terms. Please consult your counselor for more information about the respective course's refund terms.