Let's Rebuild Ourselves

Schools are shut down. Students have been auto upgraded to the next class. Parents doesn’t know what next? IIT Mumbai has scrapped its summer exams and internship. And likewise happening in almost every nook and corner of the world.

While 2020 could have been the funding year for some of the start-ups. There are people who have invested their life savings to start a business or a shop or a start-up. People have and are still losing jobs. In DataTrained, we had a Mega Recruitment fair planned in May for our learners.

Yes, 2020 has been unfair to all of us. But what should be the next step?

I would say to rather start afresh with nothing too loose after all these hits. Blaming 2020 will no further work and will not bring a change.

Students who have been auto promoted to the next class can start there learnings ASAP. People who have lost their job can skill themselves or rather go for an unpaid internship along with job search.

Or we can simply follow our passion which we have ignored till date because of what life has thrown to us.

We can start reading and I must say it soothes. You can start and finish those web series which you had even attempted to watch till date owing to time constraints.

May be 2020 has failed us!

Buy let’s not fail ourselves. Our consciousness should rise above all.

Your startup has not failed. You just need to rebuild it.

You have lost your job, but not let the job lose you. This is not the end of jobs after all.

Your empty bank account is an attempt to get it refueled.

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