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Data Science Training on Automation Changed Rupam's Career

April 28, 2020

Data Science Training on Automation Changed Rupam's Career

Things are changing and that too at a very fast pace. So if the machine learning and automation dive into the job market. It all started with a short training on automation in my company. The title of the training was, “how automation is going to make doctors jobless in the coming years”.

They gave introductory information on how companies are getting into automation and how it’s not a prerequisite but going to be a need in the coming future.


I was at that time part of the Glen-mark Pharmaceuticals as Regional Sales Manager. I looked upon my career and after a deep thought started to search for the institutes who are offering training in data science/analytics.


Finally, my search ended on the DataTrained 11 months PG Program in data science. Although, I was looking to get admissions into the program, I was a bit worried about the length of the program.


But after some more research, I came to the conclusion that data science career is hard to crack, and for a working person like me doing 10-12 hours shift in a day, 11 months is an ideal period in terms of digesting the content that needs to become a data scientist.


Finally, I enrolled in their program. The program is a well-balanced mix of pre-recorded classes, live sessions on weekends, and printed reading materials they sent to my address. My mentor was Amit Kaushik and he helped me in getting that confidence and completing my assignments on time.


I have almost completed the course and have been able to crack the Glenmark analytics interview. I am looking forward to joining them as Analytics Manager in the intensive healthcare division. Thank you so much DataTrained.

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