Vikash Vatsayan Career Transition | datatrained

I was working as trainer with a leading firm from the last 6 years and I was looking for a change. I also needed a one to one mentorship since I was not confident and was of the view that it’s hard to understand complete new learning which I was not well versed with. 

DataTrained ended all my confusions and provided me the confidence to grow further.

The personalized mentorship, industry-relevant projects in their course and the material guided me towards a career as Business Analyst in one of India's top startups.

However the most exciting feature of the Data Science course by DataTrained is the continuous feedback sessions which help students to understand their current postions as per the course progression and it helped us to put extra efforts while studying.

DataTrained has a perfect blend of corporate leaders and masters from Academics. This mix help them in creating such a brilliant course content so that even the complex topics can be easily delivered to the students and they are able to grasp it completely.

Thank you so much Data Trained.