Vanshika Rathi Success Story | datatrained

In start of my career I was looking for big push, so that I can start my career with decent job and a handsome salary package. As a young engineering graduate I was completely focused towards adding skills in my resume and I was well aware of the hot topic in discussion between Market leaders.

Data science penetration is so sharp that even companies who don’t know about data science are using it and gaining it’s benefits.  We are in 21st century and the usage of data at its peak and the results of data driven facts are used to predict future.

Statistics was one of my favorite subjects and I always has keen interest in finding facts from the unstructured data and presenting it with useful patterns.

I was pretty sure to follow data science course but main issue lies where and when to start  with, So I ant to end this confusion for all of you there reading my story. Choose DataTrained and this step will help you throughout your journey,   As a professional  firm DataTrained focused to serve their best to their students or clients.

Once I Joined DataTrained my learning curve started to grow steeply and as per the mentors I followed the new approach to get Data Science job. You can find their videos like 8 STEPS TO BECOME DATA SCIENTIST and 5 STEPS TO MAKE DATA SCIENCE RESUME  on their youtube channel and it will be very useful for you if you are looking to start your career in data science.

If I am successfully placed with one of the biggest data science firm complete credit lies with DATATRAINED and their competent Faculty.

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