Umesh Singh Success Story | datatrained

I always wanted to become an agro-researcher with the aim to help our Indian farmers with new findings and farming techniques to their problems in order to make them grow in this competitive world market. But, my parents forced me to do the burning career Btech. So, with no option to say no I did my Btech and get placed in the MNC with an annual income of 8.6 lakhs per annum.

Although my family was very happy, my dream and my passion was scorching me from inside to follow it as I was not at all happy with the current profile and job. Finally, I gathered all my courage to tell my parents and asked them to support me to follow my dream by ensuring I will not leave the job until I will not get any.

I started all my field research about what it will take to be an agro-researcher and got much important information. Now, I knew that I had to learn the uses of artificial intelligence and various analytical tools such as Big Data, predictive modeling and should be capable of driving real-time operational decisions.

For all this to learn, I required the online data science training institution with all trusted credentials. Finally all my conditions and requirements were fulfilled by the online data science PG program by DataTrained.