Sukhvinder Singh CAREER transition | datatrained

It's always pleasant to hear how someone has make their career transition, below is the same story of Sukhwinder who moved to analytics after pursuing Engineering and MBA

“I completed my Engineering and worked as an Electrical Engineer for 2 years and then pursued MBA. After completing MBA, I started working for another firm which brought a bit of change in my career and here I learnt about Data Science since this firm was setting up an automation team”, he said

After spending another year in the firm I thought of moving to analytics and that is when I started exploring the options. I came to know about the Data Science Online course offered by DataTrained.

I called them and took information about the courses they offered and how they can help me in career transition to data science/analytics. Once I was satisfied with their explanation, I joined them. The best part was that they provides classed on weekends which means you can continue your current job while pursuing the course. Even if you miss a class, they provide recorded video which helps a lot.

After completing the course I cracked HCL interview and I am now working with them

Sukhwinder’s story should serve as an inspiration to anyone who wishes to switch their career, we wish him good luck for the coming years.