Sanjeev Baliyan Success Story | datatrained

I was very excited to learn data science and was thus looking for all the possible options regarding the courses offered by different institutes both online as well as classroom based.

I started with the strengthening basic concepts on EDX and also started living this profile in my dreams, but I was aware that there’s a long way to go and this path need lot of hard work and patience to become a successful Data Scientist.

I tried to choose the best among the all available options and I simply ended with DataTrained. I contacted them to confirm how they are so sure about 100% placement and this was the reply from them :

“We make you so competent by the end of our course that you will be eligible for a job”

This gave me wings this is how I started with DataTrained Full Stack Data Science Course.

We almost completed 15 projects in this 11 month journey and it enhanced ajmy confidence which was already aiming for the sky.

I cracked my 1st interview with L&T and my manager was so impressed with the level of knowledge I hold as a beginner.

I wish you all the same success and career growth and thank you so much DataTrained.