Why DataTrained Data Science Program

Why DataTrained 10 Months PG Program in Data Science, Machine Learning & Neural Networksis superior to other Programs available in the Market

Teaching Differences

Other Data Science Program
DataTrained Data Science Program
Theory & Practical (80% + 20%) 
Theory & Practical (20% & 80%) 
No live Session
Live Session with Mentor 
Pre-recorded Videos are preferred
Pre-recorded videos are given as support
Doubt Clearing is not up to the mark
Ticketing System is there for support
No Internship is Provided
Internship is Provided
No Remote assistance is provided
Remote Assistance is provided

Technical Differences

Other Course Specification
Our Course Specification
Only Single Platform is used ( windows only)
Multiple Platform is Provided ( Windows , Linux )
Only 5 to 10 Dummy Projects are Provided
40 Industry Projects are Provided 
No Real Time data is shared
Real Time Data from Internship companies are provided in the internship 
No Live Projects are covered
Internship companies provides Live Projects
No Production Environment is introduced
Live Projects goes till Complete Production Level
No server Details is shared
Internship companies will share the server details as well
No internship
Multiple Companies are there for Internship

Software Differences

Other Institute
Data Trained
Anaconda only is used which is only used in academics and not in real data science projects or products
Anaconda, Core python with Linux, Pycharm is used.
No Cloud Deployment
Google Colab will be introduced
No server access 
Virtual Private Serveris available (Internship Companies will Provide access to their Server) 
Database is Partially/Not Covered
SQL as Database is Covered.
Python 3.7 or older version is used
Python 3.8 (Latest) is used
No Domain preference Like Opencv or NLP etc.
Domain To understand like OpenCv or NLP will preferred

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