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Surbhi Jain Career Transition to Analytics

April 28, 2020

Surbhi Jain Career Transition to Analytics

It is now a well-known fact that professionals are moving towards data science learning. There is also a perception that if you wish to completely switch your job then data science is good for you, however, enhancing one’s analytics skill set is equally beneficial for anyone already working in data space as it opens the other opportunities for you. Surbhi is one of them.

“I was already working with Descriptive Analytics and Business Intelligence so, I had a background in data”, she told us.

As she was already in Data so choosing the right course was very important and that is where DataTrained course structure stood for her.

“I did my research before deciding which course I should register myself for and of all the courses that I have found, the one offered by DataTrained was completely dedicated to analytics, after enrolling for Postgraduate Program for Data,  I did have few doubts initially and thought if I should have gone for shorter period course or I should have gone for some other program, however, in the end, I realized DataTrained Data Science course was ideal for me.”

The course was time taking and a big investment of money was involved, however, I received end-to-end learning which is exactly what I was looking for, I was given full support by DataTrained, however, as data science is a massive field it also requires huge amount of self-study and then you will definitely see the path you would have imagined before joining the course.

While Surbhi hasn’t changed her job yet, however, she now knows she has the option to switch her job anytime she wants, given that she now has in-depth analytics knowledge

As Surbhi’s story states, you do not have to switch your job right after completing the analytics/data science course. What these programs do is open the new paths for you.  If you would like to know more about the course offered by DataTrained Academy and enroll for the data science program, please click here.

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