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Curriculum Designer

Engineering & Development

Location: Noida, Bangalore

We are a young educational-technology start-up that is charting new routes in the domain of professional education. Going beyond the traditional focus on data concepts, Dattrained takes a wider approach in introducing students to the real world of data. This includes an immersive development of logical reasoning and an inquiry-based approach tailored towards building a data aptitude.

 There is a stark difference in the data analytics that is typically taught in the current aura and the real world data sets/analytics/issues which is often described as the most beautiful and high paying. The datatrained mission is to reveal this beauty of data to young college students and aspiring professionals thus helping them develop a holistic understanding of data sets and how to explore and visualize them to solve real-world problems.

We are looking for people who share our vision, are passionate about data and have the potential to become thought leaders in the field.


As a Curriculum Designer, you will be part of the core team of content developers and subject matter experts that creates digital and paper-based learning resources for our professional programs. Specifically, you will have to create engaging content that,

  • helps students discover the stats behind the everyday phenomenon

  • builds an integrated understanding of different topics within mathematics and stats

  • connects data to other disciplines like science, history, and art


You must have,

  • a thorough understanding of mathematics, stats and data concepts up to an advanced level

  • a strong understanding of the constructivist and inquiry-based pedagogy

  • strong logical and analytical reasoning

  • strong written as well as verbal English communication skills

  • ability to work in a highly collaborative and non-hierarchical team

  • ability to give as well as receive constructive feedback.


Education qualifications:

  • A graduation degree in mathematics/stats or similar numerate discipline

  • A master’s degree (or higher) in mathematics or similar numerate discipline will be preferred

  • An education degree while not mandatory will be preferred

Work experience:

  • Minimum six years’ experience (of which at least three years should be teaching stats and data concepts or developing learning resources).


Application and Selection Process

On application you will have a first round of interaction with one of the Curriculum team members. This will be followed by an assignment that will be shared over email. Once you submit the assignment you will have two follow-up rounds and one HR round.


If you think, you're ideal for this job, mail your resume with the job title as subject to careers@datatrained.com