Data Science Training in Delhi NCR || Guaranteed Placement

Data Science Training with Guaranteed Placement

Classroom II 10 Months II Noida Campus




  • Every individual is assigned an industry Data Science Expert as a mentor.

  • Along with theory, greater emphasis is on practical and interactive training on live industry projects.

  • An individual career profile is prepared by our experts so that it suits his/her past experience and makes it relevant to a Data Scientist role.

  • The industry mentor helps students to take projects on Kaggle and move on the status bar so that their resume looks competitive to the recruiters.

  • We generate Ability Score of each and every individual which is then sent to our more than 250 recruitment partner organizations.

  • At last, we organize campus placements every three months in Noida, Gurgaon, Ahmedabad, Bangalore, and Chennai to place our students.

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Last Date of Application 15th Oct 19





  • Learn how to use Python and its standard libraries

  • Build visualizations with Matplotlib and Seaborn

  • Use advanced Python features such as lambdas and comprehensions

  • Understand how Git and Github fits into your workflow

Estimated Time: 19+ Hours

  • Learn to use Pandas to wrangle and clean data

  • Learn to work with different file types from text to Excel, CSV and JSON.

  • Get an overview of relational and non-relational databases

  • Gain SQL skills.

Estimated Time: 48+ Hours

  • You’ll practice the concepts you've learned so far by creating a story out of a dataset. Your mentor will help structure and evaluate your approach as you explore a dataset and present insightful findings to them.

Estimated Time: 14+ Hours




  • Learn the basics of inferential statistics and parameter estimation

  • Use hypothesis testing to determine if a phenomenon is statistically significant

  • Learn how correlation and regression can be used to identify useful features

  • Know how to build A/B split tests

Estimated Time: 18+ Hours

  • Use scikit-learn to implement supervised and unsupervised algorithms

  • Advanced topics: time series analysis, social network analysis

  • Cover the fundamentals of Deep Learning

  • Validate and evaluate machine learning systems

Estimated Time: 68+ Hours

  • Build beautiful charts with Matplotlib and Seaborn​

  • Create interactive Python charts with Bokeh

  • Practice interactive data visualizations with D3.js

  • Learn how to use Plotly to easily generate data visualizations

Estimated Time: 16+ Hours




  • Intro to Big Data

  • Work with MapReduce

  • Learn Spark

  • Learn MLlib

  • Understand NoSQL

  • In this program, you'll complete two Capstone Projects for your portfolio. They will be evaluated by your mentor. 

  • Working with your mentor, you will get experience with real business problems and datasets

Estimated Time: 2 Months

Estimated Time: 16+ Hours

  • Get your resume and Linkedin reviewed

  • Work with your own personal career coach

  • Get a personalized job search strategy

  • Learn networking principles that will land you your next job

  • Learn how to negotiate your salary

Estimated Time: 40+ Hours

Why DataTrained?

  • Build your own portfolio via live industry projects

  • Get assessed directly by companies

  • Personal Doubt Clearing Sessions


  • More Than 100 Mentors

  • 6-7 Years Minimum Experience

  • They Have Worked With Flipkart, WNS, RBS, Karvy Analytics


  • Industry Endorsed Curriculum

  • Relationship Managers Available Around The Clock

  • Recorded and Live Sessions

Our Success Stories

Ashish Kumar
Data Scientist, BOA

"When you do not get what you actually deserve, you keep looking for the options and you can't be satisfied until you get it. Thank you so much DataTrained for giving me this opportunity"

Manish Khurana
 Data Scientist, Genpact

“I enrolled into the program, attended weekend classes, did my case studies, worked on a project and finally got an internship with Genpact.  Thank you DataTrained for this opportunity and I recommend DataTrained to all the individuals who have got any similarity with my professional life”

Abhinav Garg 
Data Scientist, RBS 

"Fantastic course content along with guaranteed placement. What more could I have asked for"


Although we believe that skills are enough to get you hired, however, some companies hiring for DATA Scientist profile in the industry will expect following out of you.


A degree in B.Tech/M.Tech (Any Trade), BCA, MCA or B.Sc (Statistics or Mathematics), BA (Maths or Economics or Stats), B.Com. 



Professional experience of 1+ years in Python, R, SAS, Business intelligence, Data warehousing, SQL.


If your professional experience is not related to data analytics, you can still make a switch to Data scientist provided that you hold any of the degrees specified above.

Common FAQs



1)    How you ensure, I will be placed?

Amid our preparation, you will get a great deal of project work and an "Ability Score" (figured based on your execution all through different stages). We at that point forward your project work and ability Score to organizations, your projects fill in as a proof (portfolio) of your range of abilities which when joined with our ability Score gives them a far-reaching examination of your insight identified with your activity profile. Organizations don't get this sort of investigation or straightforwardness anywhere else, and subsequently, they get you hired. Additionally, they get a confirmation that they are not employing a new kid on the block but rather a trained professional who will be productive from day one.


2)    Will I be able to complete the projects and will Data Trained help with that?

Projects are adjusted to what is educated to you in different aptitude levels. The trouble level is simple, and activities are there to guarantee a greater amount of hands-on training. Just your last task can be tolerably troublesome, yet that shouldn't be an issue since you will get support at every level from your Data Scientist mentor. These projects are like what the Data Scientists undertake in there day to day work, so think about this as a replication of the same.


3)    Will I get a certificate also for this training?

Yes. You will get two certificates - one for the training and another for your project work.


4)    How does Data Trained "Guarantee" placement?

Employment/internship position meet shortlisting through is simply reliant on your Ability Score. You need to acquire an Ability Score above the required benchmark in order to be shortlisted by organizations. In case you don't get this Ability Score, we continue giving you projects until you achieve that optimum level of Ability Score. When you have scored on the benchmark in no less than 2 out of 3 projects, it is an adequate proof alongside your task portfolio for a company to hire you. Keep in mind that we can just ensure to impart in you what it takes to be a Data Scientist, yet you need to ace your destinies yourself. 


5)    What are your past placement records?

Please be assured, we were able to place our last 2 batches with a minimum package of 4.5 lakh, an average package of 5.2 lakh and the highest package of 14.5 lakh.



6)    How does refund or money back work in case I am not placed?


Although it will not likely to happen seeing our past success rate. We will try every inch of our efforts to place you. However, in case if we fail to do so, we will refund the fee directly into your bank account.  No questions asked



7)    I don’t have a technical background or programming knowledge?


Data science doesn’t need any previous technical or programming experience. We will teach you math’s and stats at a very beginner level.



8)    What will be the syllabus of Entrance Exam?

The exam will cover topics Up to only 10th Grade Mathematics, aptitude and basic essay writing and Reading comprehension. Essays will be about putting up an argument coherently. Topics will be wide-ranging. We will evaluate the language and your coherence of thoughts.




9)    Do I need to leave my job for the program? What will be the training mode?

No, the program is designed in such a way that, you can continue with your job along with this program. It will be a mix of pre-recorded videos, live classes as well as printed study material.  Every topic would be project-based and will be taught as per the live market scenario. Course module will be covered under the guidance of Industry Experts.  The classes are conducted on weekdays Full Time as well as on Saturdays and Sundays for working Professionals. However, in case you miss the class, a recorded version of the sessions will be sent to you on your email and will also be available on your LMS.


10)    What is the program fee?

The program fee is Rs. 80,000 excluding taxes for the online mode and Rs. 99,000 excluding taxes for the classroom mode. Please note that the classroom mode is only available at our Noida center.

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