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Data Science Course with R

Fee : 18000 + Taxes (Online Self Pace)

Fee : 32000 + Taxes (Classroom Course in Noida)

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  • Learning Mode : Online (Self Space), Classroom (Noida Only)

  • Placement Assistance

  • Certificate of Completion Provided Jointly by DataTrained Education  and MathsoMania

  • Course Duration : 3 months

  • Course Learning Access Period : 12 Months

Are you dreaming to start or move your career path to a Data Scientist role?

If yes, then this course is for you. We at DataTrained have co-created this course with MathsoMania as an Industry partner. This course will awaken and guide you to the power and capacity of R in order to analyze data, create elegant visualizations and use machine learning algorithms.

DataScientist has been ranked as the most coveted job post by Glassdoor and the average salary of Data Scientist in India is over Rs. 7,800,00 per year. Indeed, data science has proved to be a rewarding career because of its ability to solve some of the world’s biggest problems!

This course content has been created and designed for both the complete beginners who want to start or switch to data science career and also for the experienced developers looking for a career change to data science.

This course is the most comprehensive of all the data science courses available in the market and we can boast of complete R learning for Data Science.


The course starts with the basics of data science and the role of R as a tool. We will teach you how to start programming with R, how to create fantastic data visualizations with R and also how to use R in Machine Learning.

Course Content :

  • What is Data Science and the role of R

  • Programming with R

  • Advanced R Features

  • Using R Data Frames to solve complex tasks

  • Use R to handle Excel Files

  • Web scraping with R

  • Connect R to SQL

  • Use ggplot2 for data visualizations

  • Use plotly for interactive visualizations

  • Machine Learning with R, including:

  • Linear Regression

  • K Nearest Neighbors

  • K Means Clustering

  • Decision Trees

  • Random Forests

  • Data Mining Twitter

  • Neural Nets and Deep Learning

  • Support Vectore Machines

  • and much, much more!

Enroll in the course and become a data scientist today!