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Datatrained brings the power of AI based easy hiring across emerging technologies like Analytics, Cloud, performance management, Block-Chain, DevelOps and data science
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Why Datatrained, if we already have our HR team?

We are not a replacement of your HR team. We enhance the productivity of your recruitment team via pulled resources with the help of AI
Candidate sourcing made easy
Our proprietary AI tool picks the relevant resumes only out of 1000s of profiles
Our AI backed robot performs the initial screening of the candidates
Custom assessment build up to get the quality candidates only

What Datatrained offers?

The recruitment process starts with job posting on multiple job portals automatically
Our inbuilt AI tool auto pics out the relevant resumes only as per the job description
Our network with Universities and Colleges helps you with the Campus Placements
We have a pool of more than 10 million active candidates against various leading job portals

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